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Leopard or Tiger, Who Even Knows…I Don’t…

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Nails: MAC Mischievous Mint (still available!)

Made a couple of changes to the site, one being the header. My animated me is now leopard clad which is extremely true to my daily life. She’s also got on a pretty smart white top, and I’ve really been digging white in my looks lately. Another (less noticeable) is bigger pictures. Try it click the picture above!

Filthy Magic Chiffon Tiger Print Dress  Urban Outfitters white studded belt  Bebe Lizzy Mesh Sandals

I don’t know what made me reach for white accessories with this dress, but I like it. I’ve also worn the look with all black accessories which I think is a bit more conventional.

These have got to be the most uncomfortable shoes I own, which is probably why I never wear them. They were about $140. I wear heels pretty much 24-7 but I can’t do discomfort. I can only wear these for about 1 hour. I’ve never bought another pair of Bebe heels ever since these in 2009. I’ve always wondered if the Stella McCartney’s ($995) they’re knocking off were uncomfortable too. I wanted them in black originally like the Stella’s though it sold out lightning fast. If I could actually wear these I’d have picked them up on eBay, I like the design so much.

This dress also has a pleated skirt. Basically perfection for me. I found this belt in the sale section at UO. I bought it in a medium so I could tie the belt that way. If I wasn’t wearing it so high up it wouldn’t be loose like that haha, I’m going to put another hole in it. Jewelry is an assortment of Chris Habana cuffs (as usual), vintage gifts from my bf’s mom, and Amrita Singh bangles.

P.S. - My neighborhood security thought it would be cool to park up his golf cart and watch me take these photos AND try to chat with me about what I was doing. I was terribly offended. I mean you see me running back and forth with my tripod/remote. Bro, help me out and offer to take the photos.

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