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Ria Michelle
A fashion diary by a stylist, boutique owner and fashion blogger living in FL
Fresh Hydration 
6th-Nov-2014 05:02 pm

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Wearing: Fresh Hydration Lotion ℅ St. Ives . Curved Hem Scuba Top ℅ Asos . Lacoste A-Line Wool Sweater Skirt

These days I’m really into fresh, dewy looking skin. There’s just something about being and LOOKING moisturized that’s just a win. People take notice that’s for sure. With makeup I achieve this look with a combination of oils and highlighters.

For the body I’ve been giving St. Ives Fresh Hydration Lotion a try. So the cool thing for me about this is it’s a spray lotion. This is new to me so I feel really cool using it haha. It’s very light and not greasy at all. Thank goodness, because leather seats and grease do not go together trust. It’s really easy to use, you just spray it onto your body in a continuous motion and it uses 100% natural moisturizers. Then you lightly rub it in and you don’t get that heavy lotion feel at all. Check it out, let me know how you like it.

These days I’ve been so busy with events and blog projects it’s easy to feel swallowed up and overwhelmed by it all. The way you feel mentally can really take a toll on your body. Along with using products that make me feel refreshed, I’ve started taking one day off a week. I try to make it Wednesday’s, as that’s kind of the halfway point in the week. I take this time to lounge in bed til late, if I do work I only work from my laptop IN bed. I’ll go get my hair or nails done or something. Basically I just really focus on me and I’m happier for it. What do you do to make your life brighter?


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Done in collaboration with St. Ives


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