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Ria Michelle
A fashion diary by a stylist, boutique owner and fashion blogger living in FL
Color Stylin’ 
21st-Nov-2014 05:07 pm

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Wearing: Color Styler in Bronze Attitude ℅ Garnier | (Minus The) Leather Classic Biker Jacket ℅ Express | Tweed Mini Dress via Filthy Magic | H&M Over-Knee Socks | TRAFFIC JAM Shoe Boots ℅ ASOS

Boom…changed up my hair again…or did I?! You guys know I like to keep it fresh and interesting with my hair but lately I’ve fallen into a same old, same old rut. Enter Garnier to help me get a little bold with zero risk. I went for a little bronze attitude. This color really reminds me of my hair color when I was younger before I started messing with. Very fiery just like me lol. It really shines in the sun.

Anyway, this stuff is super easy to apply and it washes out in 2-3 shampoos. You can literally change your look any time you want. Would you believe I applied this about 2 hours before I went out to shoot this look? As long as you have the time to apply it and let it dry (I used a blow dryer to kinda speed the process along) and then brush it to set the look. P.S. If you need to remove the color quickly for work or whatever, apply hair oils to help remove the color quickly.

Keeping the hair color fun going, you can also join me on my Garnier temporary hair color journey. Upload a selfie with the hashtag #funnestgirl and you can be Garnier’s official spokesmodel for 72 hours! You know you want the title! Check out more details at: http://www.garnierusa.com/funnestgirl

Directions & Tips to Use Product (to be followed in this exact order):

  1.     Make sure your hair is clean, dry and untangled
  2.     Put on gloves provided in the pack
  •       This is important since to get the best results you can’t apply the product directly to the hair, but should put a couple of drops on the gloves, rub to spread product out on gloves and then apply to hair
  1.     Section off the part of your hair you wish to color
  2.     Shake bottle vigorously to ensure color is mixed. Color is ready to go and does not require any adjustment before application.
  3.     Gently squeeze out a few drops (3 to 4) on the gloves.
  4.     Then take the gloves and rub fingers together.
  5.     Next apply a thin coat in a downward motion directly to the hair while smoothing the hair, starting at the base.
  •       Apply in small sections until you have even coverage, each time putting a couple of drops on to the gloves, rubbing the fingers together to spread out the color and then applying to hair.
  •       Don’t use too much product, otherwise your hair will start to feel rough.
  1.     To ensure all product on the glove is used grab hair with fingertips and twirl around hand.
  2.     After the color is vibrant, wait until the product is completely dry and then comb through using either a wide tooth brush or comb. You can use a hair dryer to speed up drying the color.

photos by Shooter Shane

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